The Voice of Frank Sinatra.  One of the most recognizable sounds in the world. 

Used by many, worldwide (long before the internet), to celebrate; mourn; wallow in self pity; try to mend a broken heart.  Common ground.  Those who may not agree on anything else agree on this...The greatness of Sinatra.

It feels like it's always been around.  It most likely will forever be with us. Regardless of the technology -- 78; 45; 33; MP3; CD; TV; Radio; Film; VHS; DVD -- it translates well...and we continue to gravitate toward it.

"Sunday Sinatra"  is a humble little show broadcast here on Long Island (NY) from 10am to 12 noon.  My name is Rich Keith, a guy who has been bouncing around radio here on the Island since I'm 18 (1977), and I am your humble host. Response, so far, has been swell.  Feel free to weigh in at sundaysinatra@yahoo.com.

"I'm Rich Keith and this is Sunday Sinatra".  That' s how I open the program every Sunday morning.  Thanks to the World Wide Web, and Rick Kiss at the D.R. Radio Network,  everyday can now be Sunday.  Has the internet ever been put to better use?

Rich Keith
Sunday Sinatra


Sunday Sinatra Paris 62
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Kiss & Keith Interview
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Sunday Sinatra 2
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Real Player needed to play this show
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MSG Cahn Show
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Sunday Sinatra
Sept of my yrs
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Sands Concert
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Best of
Sunday Sinatra
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Sunday Sinatra
November 07
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Sunday Sinatra
I Get a Kick Out of You
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