Jeff Indyke has performed on the Drums for 37 years!!  For the last 18 years, Jeff has presented his world wide Drummer's International Hot-Line Dial-A-Beat (516) 539-BEAT.... A number for Drummers world wide to hear creative drum ideas over the phone.

Jeff is now in his second season of " The Jeff Indyke Drum Education Show" The Big Beat Continues".  Airing (PA) Ch. 20 Nassau & Western Suffolk New York From April 05 to Sept 05.  For each show Jeff has created an intensive focus upon various topics of the greats of today.  This season will be a killer.

Jeff's favorite shows from season 1 was "The (Undisputed) Bonzo Files".  This years first presentation "Bonham's Up" is built of off the original "Bonzo Files".

Aside From Jeff's continuous production schedule, Jeff also loves to teach & coach the Art of Drumming.  From time to time Jeff has presented his " Rudimental Drum Clinic" at various public schools.  To have this opportunity to be invited to be part of DrumRadio is a prestigious honor.

 click below to listen to Jeff Indyke's audio segment

Audio Segment
Stairway 1

Audio Segment
Stairway 2

Custard Pie

Audio Segment
July 05

Audio Segment

February 06 Bonham's Up

Audio Segment
May 05

Heart Breaker 1

Heart Breaker 2

Whole lotta love

Mobby dick Fill

Mobby dick play

Mobby dick Rhythm

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