The Following is what you will need to listen to our shows successfully

1. Real Player
2. Windows Media Player
3.  DSL or Cable Connection

Thank you for visiting .... if you are experiencing difficulties listening to
our shows, we recommend downloading the newest Windows Media Player.  Click Here
to download the latest version now.   This will bring you to a page where you can download
this software.  Please be advised that you should select the player that correspond with your
operating system.  We also recommend that you download the latest internet explorer
browser, Please Click Here to download the browser now.

For Real Player please Click Here to Download.  Please note that you may download
real player only if you wish.  You simply need to set it up as your default player & it
will play all our shows, mp3, rm, wmv etc...

It is also recommended that you upgrade to either a DSL or cable type Connection
Some of our shows are rather large and require a faster speed.  Dial up connection
will be extremely slow.  DSL and Cable connections are very affordable please upgrade.

DrumRadio Staff