Hurricanes Katrina and Rita left musicians, music teachers and  educators
without many of the tools they desperately need to rebuild lives  and
programs in the hardest hit areas of the Gulf Coast. Homes, businesses  and
lives are destroyed and changed forever, and in many cases  familiar
routines and the possibilities of what could have been are lost for  good.

Instrument Aid hopes to assist in schools, private studios, and in  the
lives of young musicians in the Gulf Coast region by replacing  instruments
in schools and private studios in the coming  months/years.

Through partnerships with instrument manufacturers, music  stores and
industry organizations such as The Mister Hollands Opus  Foundation, NAMM,
Percussive Arts Society (PAS) and the Percussion Marketing  Council (PMC),
we are collecting instruments for donation. Every donation  will be used
towards the purchase or replacement of instruments and vital  equipment
needed by schools, teachers and students in the Gulf Coast  region.
Although this is a long term effort we are currently working on  developing
a strategic plan of action and infrastructure for Instrument Aid.  Our web
site, should be up and running within a week  and
that will be used as a center for updates, donations and  pertinent
information and resources. Until the Instrument Aid web site goes  live,
please use for updates and a contact point. This is  the
web site for Progressive Music Center, whose founder, Billy Cuthrell,  is
overseeing Instrument Aid at this time.

How can you help right  now?
We are in need of drop-off donation sites around the country.  Donation
sites can be music studios, music stores and school band rooms. If  you
would like to volunteer a donation site please  contact for further assistance.
If you have an  instrument to donate please hold on to it at this time.
Once we have a list  of donation spots we will post that  on

Instrument Aid is in the beginning stages of  this operation, so we are all
in this together from the start. If you have  questions or would like to
volunteer your energy and time, please email and
check Drum Radio at often for  updates as well.

Best Regards,
Billy Cuthrell
Progressive Music  Center
A Division of Progressive Percussion Drum Studios,  Inc.
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